Slope Mobile New Features

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The Slope of Hope mobile app (available free of charge for both Android and iPhone/iPad here) has become very popular are has received terrific reviews (a perfect 5.0 on Android and 4.9 in the Apple store). We’re going to be adding more features to this app, which I’ll announce as they tumble out, and today we have added two new pages to the “Charts” section:

The first, Quarterly Report Calendar, invokes a mobile-friendly version of the page you already know and love from the regular-sized Slope.

The second, Correlation Analyzer, is the same idea – – a favorite page from the website retrofitted to a Mobile form factor:

As I said, plenty more to come, but you app users will already see these new features without updating the app at all. So if you haven’t already, get it for your mobile device today for the low, low price of $0.00.