Vax-Free Morning

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No new vaccine? No new rally. I guess those are just for Mondays, right? The thrill of Moderna has zeroed out on the ES. To me, the entire rally of people going ape over things going back to how they were in 2019 is sort of laughable, because we had plenty of problems back in 2019 that were never addressed. But you can’t argue sense with a market like this.


The US dollar has resumed its grind lower.


In turn, Bitcoin is doing great, having pushed over $17,000, which clears the way for an assault on its former lifetime high near $20,000.


This is all well and good if only gold would participate. But the damned thing is just sitting there, in spite of the dollar marching toward worthlessness. It’s getting pretty damned annoying.


In fact, the best analysis I can offer for gold is as follows:

The belle of the ball today is Tesla, which is entering the S&P 500:

slopechart TSLA