Well, Shut My Mouth!

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I’d like to show you a blurry image:

What you are looking at is a snapshot of part of Slope’s project management system. I’ve blurred it out for privacy, but if you were able to read it clearly, you would not see tickets with these “to do” tasks:

  • Do Post on Biden’s Cabinet Choices
  • Create Table Showing 2020 Vote Analysis by State
  • List Top Virtues and Vices of Each Party

Nope. None of that. In fact, I am so sick-to-death of this election, I never want to hear of it or speak of it again. I have always wanted to Make America Boring Again and return to a time when it really didn’t matter who won this-or-that, since we’ve sort of got our own lives to lead without some kind of distant overseer.

So for those who have emailed me saying to knock off the political talk, poof, your wish has been granted. I’m done. I suspect (and hope) that the 73 days between now and Inauguration will have dramatic moments here and there, but on the whole, I’m sure we’d all prefer – – when on this site, at least – – to talk about chart ideas and learn about the newest goodies on the site.

So I’m going to shut up about all things (R) and (D) and focus on R&D instead. Please……………please…………..join me in doing the same.

What I can tell you is that, short-term, a few items forthcoming include:

  • The ability to rotate drawn objects;
  • More “mobile-friendly” premium pages coming to our popular iPhone/Android apps;
  • Index options trading in the virtual trading system;
  • Vastly improved options payoff analytics;
  • Due to upgrades in our software infrastructure, a faster site overall.

So you have my pledge that the only things I’ll discuss that rhyme with the word “Hump” are along the lines of “pump & dump”, “price gap jump”, and Forrest Gump.

Thank you.