Virtual Charts!

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We’ve got another very helpful integration to announce with respect to Slope’s very popular Virtual Trading feature: now you can have a watch list in SlopeCharts which automatically retains all of the symbols for all of your open positions.

Using it is a snap and only takes a moment: just go to the Preferences in SlopeCharts, go to the Watch Lists tab, and check the checkbox labeled as Show Positions Watchlist:

By default, this automatic watchlist will have the rather unimaginative name “Positions“. If you would like to call it something else, just type in whatever suits you:

Voila! From then on, you will see your watchlist amongst all your other watchlists, and the symbols will reflect all the symbols (and the root symbols, in the case of options) for all your open positions. This makes it very handy to examine what you’re trading with your virtual dollars.