At Any Rate

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Now that the runoff is complete, it seems like the market is anticipating much higher interest rates (which the banks are gobbling up with gusto). Witness the absolutely demise of bonds taking place right now by way of TLT:

slopechart TLT

The bank sector fund, symbol XLF, has blown to a new lifetime high, at least beating its peak from February 12 of last year.

slopechart XLF

Similarly, KBE is roaring almost 8% higher today, although it is still well below its own lifetime high established on March 12, 2018 (in other words, roughly three hundred years ago).

slopechart KBE

Ya know, with all the screeching about “socialism” crowding my Twitter feed today, it sure looks like the capitalists are having an absolute field day.

As for the mayhem in D.C. If there’s anything I learned last year, it’s not to bother. I’ve got my opinions. Rather strong ones. But no magnet, no matter how powerful, seems capable of altering an individual’s moral compass. I am a natural leader, and I always have been. But I’ve given up on leading anyone here to a different way of thinking, as some are married to their beliefs far more than they’ve ever been married to their spouse. So I’m going to stick with my little chart friends. It’s what I do.