Cover to Cover

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There it was on my driveway, just like every month: the latest issue of Gentry magazine, which, as I described it in a prior post, “is a free magazine they distribute around here, packed with a combination of real estate ads, for the tech zillionaires, and plastic surgery ads, for their vain spouses”.

Well, the cover of the January 2021 issue got my attention, so I thought I’d share it, which I’ve thoughtfully scanned:


So in the confines of this one cover we have:

  1. A nod to the late Ruth Bader Gisberg;
  2. A plastic honey bear wearing a mask (and socially distanced, no doubt);
  3. A firefighter (errr, I guess “first responder” or maybe “essential worker”);
  4. A bear wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.

Virtue-signally enough for you? I suppose they could have put one of those bears in a wheelchair. And perhaps at least one of them is transgender. It’s hard to tell, what with them being so smooth and all.

In any event, it’s kind of a stomach-churning thing to witness, because the entire ethos of Gentry is dedicated to consumerism, vanity, and showy wealth. If one were so excited about the Black Lives Matter-wearing bear that they accidentally dropped the magazine, they would see this on the back cover:


Yes, it’s an advertisement for a $40 million house. One could safely assume that whoever ultimately acquires this property will applaud all the messages on Gentry’s cover with infectious enthusiasm, but will not actually live any of those values. Not that this huge place couldn’t accommodate hundreds of BLM protesters.

But perhaps I assume too much. What’s on the inside?


A $2,650 bag. A $795 sweater. And boots for $1,540. I honestly think this crew would be a lot more honest with themselves, and us, if they simply wore a Black Accessories Matter t-shirt. The entire impression I get from this magazine simply shrieks of disingenuity.