Lockdown Success

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For years, it’s been very difficult to park in Palo Alto’s “second” downtown, which is the area surrounding California Avenue. The restaurants and other retail simply attracted too many people, so it took a while to find a spot.

Well, Palo Alto set out to build a very modern four story parking garage, and at long last, it’s finished. I parked there yesterday to pick up some take-out. I was the only one in the entire complex. The only one. And why? Simple.


Everything’s closed still. I know it may be different in your area, but it’s basically March 2020 all over again here, right down to the line of people waiting to get groceries, stretched around the block.

It’s not a surprise, then, that stocks related to the “gig” economy or working-from-home in general are continuing to thrive. Here are five standouts that had sensational 2020s and are continuing to blast to lifetime highs on virtually a daily basis.

slopechart FVRR
slopechart UBER
slopechart UPWK
slopechart CHWY
slopechart DASH