Riot Victory Lap

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Back on January 8th, I did a premium post and, a few hours later, a follow-up post, in which I said a number of things regarding Crypto, Bitcoin, and RIOT:

  • “Daring to question or challenge the ceaseless rise of crypto is a fool’s errand, but I’ll make that trip right now by way of the equity symbol RIOT
  • “So if the burst above the current base is similar in percentage terms to what happened last time, RIOT should peak a little over 30
  • Bitcoin is starting to swing absolutely wildly (literally thousands of dollars in the span of an hour) so I think we’re starting to reach the crack-up stage”
  • “I believe any sustained weakness is going to create a swift sense of panic.”

Well, below is the chart of Bitcoin and the day I made the post. Since everyone and his brother was calling for Bitcoin to immediately go to $100,000, it would idiotic of me to defy the trend, but it’s my nature:

As for RIOT, it got to 29.28, which was a little shy of my guess, but hey, not terrible, right?

Is it done falling? I sure don’t think so. I mean, come on.

Good thing, too, since it’s the only good position in my virtual account! Of course, I’ll never catch up with The Director!

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