Time to Test!

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OK, finally a post that has nothing to do with GameStop. Promise.

It has to do with something we’ve been working on for months, which is the new Slope website. Now for anyone who is suddenly all hot and bothered about those words, let me calm you: there is virtually nothing different cosmetically about the site. The underlying foundation is quite different, but what you see and use has barely changed.

The underlying code which has changed the most is related to comments………


……..and SocialTrade, so there’s where I need you to test:


Let me make a few important points, which will save us all plenty of time and confusion:

  • You are welcome to roam freely throughout the site, but don’t be surprised if you are unwittingly back at the production site. The URL should begin with “slope2021” for the test system, so if you don’t see that, then you’re just on the normal site again.
  • The content is very out of date, and that is totally OK. I just need you to monkey around as much as you can with comments and SocialTrade to see what you can break and what is missing (if anything).
  • When you first go to the site, it will of course have no idea who you are, so you’ll need to log in with your username and password. If it doesn’t work, perhaps your account is too new to be in the database.

The home page for the site is here, but where I’d prefer you directly go is:

  • HERE to test out comments, and
  • HERE to test out SocialTrade

Feel free to leave a comments thread open to see if it updates with comments from others. Also, if your profile comes across as a broken image, fear not, you can fix it in the profile page here.

Thank you very much for testing, and please use the feedback form to let me know any issues you discover.