Dust to Dust

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Well, he’s gone. Bernie Madoff has left to meet his maker, having spent the past dozen years in prison.

And what a sinful man! I mean, he………

  • Created fake money out of thin air;
  • Made people believe they were richer than they really were;
  • Used his connections to further the scheme and enrich himself!

Sort of like……….you know, JEROME POWELL, JAMIE DIMON, LLOYD BLANKFEIN, and just about anyone else on Wall Street or in the Eccles Building you can name.

You know the only thing he actually did wrong? He got caught doing it DURING AN EQUITY DOWNTURN.

And that, my friends, is the only difference. In the world of finance, you can cheat, lie, rob, mislead, and steal all you like – – AS LONG AS THE MARKET IS GOING UP.

The moment the market gets hit hard, you’re screwed, because people will be mad, and they’ll be looking for someone to suffer. Bernie just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time. He was the scapegoat.

And he probably spent the past dozen years watching all his compatriots on Wall Street make what he did look like child’s play, grinding his teeth the entire time.

Rest in pieces, sir!