Nary a Wobble

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At this point, what is there left to say, really? The super simple engine of (a) Trillions of Fed Bux leading to (b) ceaselessly higher equity prices continues to work with the certainty of a wizard’s wand.

Below is chart after chart of major U.S. equity indexes, stripped of their price data and merely showing the trio (50, 100, 200-day) of exponential moving averages. The ascent in recent months isn’t just smooth; it is relentlessly powerful, and none of the lines are even bothering to threaten a bearish crossover. Just look at this freak show…….

slopechart COMP
slopechart COMPQ
slopechart NDX
slopechart OEX
slopechart SOX
slopechart SPX
slopechart TRAN
slopechart XBD

OK, there’s one place that might be in for some serious swooning, but honestly, this is about it:

slopechart XOI

But, in the end, there’s only this chart which is having an honest-to-God bear market of its own, and that is the market of rational fear.

slopechart VIX