The Thrill Is SO Gone

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No, this isn’t me griping about being bored. I am, but you’ve had enough of that, I’m sure. I am simply pointing out that all the absurd fixation the world had on /wsb and GME is absolutely dying. Need proof? Take a look at GME volume. It is literally down about 98% from its January insanity. The stock has become totally boring.


Naturally, the IV Rank has crashed from about 100 to about 0. Dreams of GME going to quadruple-digits are clearly laughable now. All this “ape strong” nonsense will die out once all those call options expire worthless.


And it isn’t just GME. Take a look at the other fanboy favorite, AMC, which was the topic of the genius below who made “a little bit of a hobby” of what she referred to as “day trading”, which evidently means placing a trade during the daytime. In any case, as the stock has dropped from her $15 purchase down to the single digits, let’s just all agree her price target (oh, sorry, let’s be hip………..her PT) of $2,000 is a fantasy.