Tiles, Everyone! Tiles!

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I am exceptionally pleased to let you know of a new feature on Slope that we’ve been working on for weeks. It is called Tiles, and this is very much an “alpha” version of the product. But I wanted to give you full access, and a sneak peek, to start gathering your ideas and feedback.


What is Tiles, you ask? Well, I think I’d simply say that it is a homepage you can customize. You see, Slope’s array of tools and content has become rather overwhelming, and I decided it was high time to let people grab certain morsels from the site and consolidate it on their own home page, and to let them arrange these tiles to their liking so they can get a quick view into their own trading world.

Let me beat the desk loudly here and say this is only the start of this product, and at this point, all you can really do is drag the tiles around. I have many other ideas about what we can do with this page, but I wanted to make clear we weren’t resting on our laurels and, more importantly, get your thoughts and feedback.


Please leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments after you’ve had a chance to try it out. Thank you!