Fresh Failures

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Around the edges, this laughably overvalued stock market is beginning to fray. I offer to you below a large quantity of relatively new stocks which have pledged all manner of earth-changing and life-saving promises, and yet are just a series of empty suits. My weariness from uttering “lifetime highs” is alloyed by my observation of “lifetime lows” on such financial instruments at these, and I suspect that word pair will be employed for a long while to come with this dreck. Here are the unlucky thirteen:

slopechart ABNB
slopechart BMBL
slopechart CHWY
slopechart COIN
slopechart DASH
slopechart DDOG
slopechart FSLY
slopechart LMND
slopechart NKTX
slopechart PLTR
slopechart QS
slopechart SNOW
slopechart SUMO