Nary a Dip in Sight

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It all started the day after the election (reminder: we don’t talk politics here; I am simply putting a stake in the ground with respect to a date). After the Presidential election was over, the market starting going from Insanely High to Laughably High, and it hasn’t even stopped for breath. Just look at the Dow Composite:

slopechart COMP

The 30 Industrials:

slopechart INDU

The Transports (honestly, just LOOK at these……….)

slopechart TRAN

Tech stocks were up today, too, but don’t have the new-highs-every-day thing going on. The NASDAQ has been relatively left out in the cold lately.

slopechart COMPQ

All the same, the bulls absolutely rule the roost. The VIX has withered down to the oh-so-sad level of 16:

slopechart VIX

Of course, just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean the charts have to stop. We’re going to have an absolute freak show on Saturday Night when Elon hosts SNL (brace yourselves). I have no idea what people think he’s going to do to “promote” Dogecoin or Tesla, but if this becomes a “sell the news” event for $DOGE it could be a doozy. As of this moment, we are at the Satanic 0.666 level:

slopechart DOGE