Binge on Earnings

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Of all the earnings coming out this afternoon, I suspect Netflix will be getting the most attention, as it always has.

Over the last twenty years, of course, the stock has been a phenomenon, although over the past year it’s become really quite boring.

See, Netflix is one of those stocks which can make you really question your life choices.

But the fact is that its reputation as an exciting stock is probably an artifact. Look at the implied volatility. It has been withering away for ages.

It’s the same story with volatility rank. In a nutshell, NFLX is not the stock it used to be. It’s about as exciting as a passbook savings account.

This is all relative, of course, Slope is full of tools to dig into past price behaviors. About nine years ago, there were some amazing plunges in the price following reports. These days, meh, not really.

I imagine some of you are playing this, in spite of its fall from (volatility) grace. Good luck!