Saturday Shorts

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I don’t make a habit of offering sales, since I think Slope is value-priced anyway, but this weekend I am making an exception since things are finally starting to fall into place for a meaningful downturn in the stock market, which is Slope’s specialty. I’m only offering our highest-end package, Platinum, which has every single power feature as well as a promise to include all forthcoming features. Click here to get a lifetime 50% discount. This offer is only good this weekend, and like I say, sales are rare, so grab it while you can.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so energized about the stock market. Bit by bit, things are truly beginning to break down. I am loaded to the gills with very large put positions on sixteen different instruments right now. Here are eight of them, along with some brief commentary. I’ll offer up the other eight in a similar post tomorrow. As usual, click on any chart for a super-sized version.

Caterpillar just needs to break that horizontal, then it’s bombs away. Indeed, many, many ETFs and stocks look just like this: specifically, a complete topping pattern, but then an even larger topping pattern if the next horizontal can be busted.

slopechart CAT

Same deal with Darling.

slopechart DAR

John Deere, as you might suppose, is extremely similar in form to Caterpillar. Mind you, these options expire no earlier than October 15th. I have tons and tons of time for big profits.

slopechart DE

Of all sixteen charts, the Dow 30 “diamonds” is the least interesting. It is range-bound and turned away from its lifetime peak on Friday.

slopechart DIA

Dine Brands has shown it has the capacity for big falls. We have cleanly reversed on this.

slopechart DIN

The MSCI fund, symbol EFA, is about 85% done with its own topping pattern. Break that green horizontal, and it’s doom-a-palooza.

slopechart EFA

Likewise, eHealth is about 85-90% done with the completion of its own gargantuan top.

slopechart EHTH

Foot Locker has been a tough nut to crack, but it finally shattered its trendline and horizontal lines this month. Hurray!

slopechart FL