About Last Night

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It’s been quite a 48 hours in crypto-land! Let’s review……..

  • Magenta zone was the crash. It was basically the equivalent of the Dow Industrials falling about 5,000 points within the span of a few hours. I got stopped out of 100% of my positions and sacrificed one-third of my peak profits.
  • Green zone was what appeared to be the healing and recovery. This was where I re-entered my positions, and by the time I ended my work day, they were almost all very profitable. It was as if the crash had never happened.
  • Yellow zone was when I was asleep and when, with a single exception, I once again got stopped out of every position! So I woke up to literally 50 SlopeAlerts waiting for me. I re-entered my positions again, somewhat more reluctantly, and rather ticked off and cautious.
  • Cyan zone has been yet another healing process.

As I type this, I have (once again) just about fully recovered to the point where it’s like the crash didn’t even happen. Unfortunately, if last night I had decided to throw cautious to the wind and have no stop-losses (I would never do that) I’d actually have record profits again, because almost everything that got stopped out was stopped out due to stop-loss prices that were as tight as {insert colorful anatomical simile of your choosing here}.

Take FileCoin (please!) I had been stopped out at the crash and re-entered. Take note of the horizontal line. That was my stop-loss.

slopechart FIL

Now take a look at what happened overnight. See that brief journey beneath the line? That’s where I got stopped out and had to re-enter at a worse price. Nice, huh?

slopechart FIL

There was one, and only one, coin that survived and whose performance kept me sane. That’s our old friend Algorand:


This monster went up like 70% from its Tuesday morning lows. It basically saved my bacon.

So what’s the lesson in all this? I think I’ll let this stylish gentleman provide the answer: