Curve Ball

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Good morning, everyone. Well, here is the state of California, we all woke up to our gubernatorial recall election being a total joke, with nearly 70% voting against the recall. So there’s another quarter billion dollars of taxpayer bucks (which flow from the state’s 10%+ income tax rate, which applies to capital gains too, by the way) flushed down the toilet. At least it gave me fodder for a funny post about the freak show of candidates.

As a comment cleaner, I offer below one of the few cryptos which excites me right now, which is Curve DAO (symbol $CRV). I like the price action and the complementary behavior of the volume.

slopechart CRV

Take note of the past time it completed a basing pattern, tinted below. I want to emphasize that I think the entire crypto space is in a quagmire at the moment, and it’s grown boring. $CRV is the odd man out, and bless it, I hope that it doesn’t fall to pieces in the midst of completing this pattern.

slopechart CRV