Diary of a Madwoman

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For me, the highlight of the must-delayed Theranos trial this week was the release of some of Elizabeth Holmes’ notes to herself during the throes of 2015. This is a business diary, it seems, and she appears to be coaching herself through the early fissures of her soon-to-be-ruined empire. Let’s partake, shall we?

Certain platforms – so fabulous – regular people… (Cramer) – Sorkin – mad man – tough

Ah, yes, Cramer. A regular person. He did the cloying Female Billionaires Changing the World segment. That Cramer. I guess she was only fond of “journalists” who sang her praises. She goes on………..

Board statement – independent look at accusations by board – making statements – no independent opinion. Unwise board – enter – without judgement –  Strategic mistake – WSJ – impression – fight – number accusations – made

Honest, this sounds more like the draft work of e.e. cummings than a broke-through-the-glass-ceiling superstar who is going to save humanity. But she isn’t done:

Weak accusations – endorses everything – happened – if – true – raise doubt – want – board looks into it – finds nothing to any of it – looked into it – have not looked at it independently. Haven’t addressed – doesn’t shake my confidence – my business judgement – no reason – this announcement – know a month from now – business judgement correct at the time. Never for sure.

That one quarter of her Stanford education is definitely shining through, eh?

The funny thing is that this nearly $10 billion (valuation) company never had annual revenues higher than the Slope of Hope, and considering the parsimonious nature of the majority of my followers, that’s really saying something.

But we do have something in common, Liz and me: I keep private notes too! I dug up a couple of share. I don’t think they hold a candle to Ms. Holmes’ musings, however.


Perhaps the fact that I’m not a sociopathic lunatic has saved me from a lengthy criminal trial. Whether she is thrown in prison or not will say a lot about our society. Keep in mind, they managed to find a jury which had never heard of Theranos, so who knows what these incurious dimwits will decide in the end.