The Grid is Back

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I admit it. I develop SlopeCharts in a self-centered way. Years ago, when our very first version came out, it had a grid, and I hated it, so I had it removed. It’s been gone ever since. I consider it a visual impurity and a distraction. No one really said anything except one chap recently who asked for a grid, and, selfish or not, I still want people to like what I make – – so I’ve added it back.


Of course, it isn’t forced upon you: it’s a choice. To have a grid displayed, just go to Preferences and check the checkbox which controls whether it is visible or not.


Right next to that checkbox, you’ll see a slider bar that controls its opacity. Drag it way to the left, and it’ll be practically invisible; drag it way to the right, it’ll be solid.


Now I know what’s next. “Tim, give us color choices!” “Tim, the I want the grid to have more lines!” And on and on. Nope. I’ve latched onto a big new project, and I’m setting aside everything except for the handful of things we’re almost finished with anyway. So I ain’t doin’ nothin’ else. You got yer danged grid. It is what it grids.