Santa, Baby……..

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Well, as usual, I’m the freak. I’m the different one. I’m the one pushing against the tide. Because everyone on the planet – – from the criminals at Goldman Sachs to the teenage trader-wanna-be’s in basements – – were pointing to the FACT that a end of year rally was GUARANTEED 100%.


Well, the year isn’t over, and the scumbags at GS may be right in the end, but so far, Tim the Freak is on the right side of history.. The small caps have been falling to pieces since the 8th.


And even the ES, propped up by the traitorous Jerome Powell and his trillions of fake dollars, is giving way.


For myself, I am absolutely loaded to the teeth with January puts (and if I had any masculinity at all, they would be Decembers, since I suspect hell is going to break loose long, long before January’s expiration). One item I’m especially looking forward to this morning is The Gap (GPS) which is one of my biggest positions and had a nuclear bomb dropped on it yesterday.

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