Spare Us

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I get a lot of spam in my inbox every day, but by far the most voluminous is from people or organizations that want to do a “guest post” on Slope. Because Slope is a pretty popular site, and its audience is very desirable, I am flooded with these requests constantly. I promptly junk any such emails, since I have absolutely no interest in putting some faux-article that pushing some crap-service onto my beloved Slopers.

However, I got an email this morning that took the cake, though. Here, in its entirety, is the email:


I am actually tempted to say yes. Can you imagine the quality of post that would emanate from someone whose come-on was I AM BUY POST ON YOUR SITE. And, after all, they are waiting for my positive reply. Plus they call me “dear”.

Anyway, I shall resist the temptation. I spare you from junk posts every day of the week. And I spare you from banner ads as well, since I disavowed paid advertisements here, years ago. Who keeps this place going? Premium members. God bless ’em. And they’ve got more good things coming.