Courage & the Sawtooth

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Don’t let me trick you. Don’t believe me. Just don’t.

Because last night, and this morning, the market was absolutely raging higher, punishing anyone stupid enough to have held on to their bearish positions like myself.


And in the face of this onslaught – – having six figures of Put options that were getting their testicles kicked in, I offered up this bit of bravado:


When, in fact, I was pretty scared. Plus I had a huge piece of my day committed to a stupid meeting.

But, God has mercy, and he smiles upon his favorite chartist, so he decided to rip the throats out of the most evil creatures on the planet……………..equity bulls: Those vile liars and charlatans, and enemies of God’s kingdom.


And, although some have persistently disagreed with me, I think the entire world of energy is going to get blown to hell, and that continues to unfurl beautifully. Everything is doomed. Everything.


And panic ensued!


Bottom line: GREAT DAY. I’ll write more later and explain what’s been going on tomorrow.