I Love My Airsnake!

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OK, this is going to be an unusual post. It has nothing to do with charts, or finance, or theology, or philosophy, or my personal life. It has to do with a hardware product called the Milwaukee M12 Airsnake.

There are three relevant facts here: (1) I’ve had problems for years with slow drains and, sometimes, totally clogged drains, which in some cases has caused some terrible domestic disasters (2) I am not at all handy (3) In spite of not being handy, I’m cheap, so I prefer fixing themselves myself instead of paying a professional.

I finally found my salvation: the Airsnake. This thing is basically an air compressor which blows the literal and proverbial shit right outta the water. I absolutely love this thing. There are few sounds sweeter than the GLUG GLUG GLUG of a bathtub (or toilet!) that is finally flowing freely without being backed up. I figure a few of you out there might have similar problems, and I just wanted to say this is one of the best things I’ve ever bought for myself.