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One of the most misused words on the planet today is “fascist.” To the illiterate (AKA almost every citizen), it is synonymous with “a person whose opinions are at odds with my own.” That’s simply wrong. It would be like me calling you a grape. It has no meaning, and it’s a bit silly.

I believe a far more helpful definition, particularly from an economic standpoint, is as follows:

“In general, fascist governments exercised control over private property but they did not nationalize it. Scholars also noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Italian Fascist and German fascist governments. Business leaders supported the government’s political and military goals. In exchange, the government pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies.”

To which I think the answer is: Pfizer, which has gone up 100% since Covid kicked in. THIS, my friends, is fascism.

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Here’s the longer-term view; quite obviously, the stock has never, ever been higher than right this second.

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