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In spite of yet another strong overnight session for just about every asset on the planet, the odd man out with the world of crypto. Here’s the Bitcoin /BTC futures in recent hours………..


Of course, during the year as a whole, BTC has taken people on a crazy ride; first it went to about $65,000, only to lose more than half its value, and then it began another ascent, peaking at nearly $70,000, before yet again falling to pieces. I strongly, strongly suspect it is nowhere near done with falling.


Here’s the thing with crypto, though, and it’s why I basically pulled the plug late in October on my own account, in spite of having made good money with it for the trading year: it seemed every time a setup would complete, it would immediately start to fall apart.

Indeed, on my tastytrade show yesterday, I expressly said that in spite of $MATIC being a great-looking chart, which I stated both here on Slope as well as on my tastytrade show the week prior, I figured it would roll over very soon. Well, “very soon” has arrived, and just like all the other beautiful-looking crypto charts, it’s turning away from what should be a super breakout and beginning to wither.

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