At Any Rate

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I have a watch list called Rates (note to Gold and Platinum members: you can access this at any time with the Shared Watchlists feature in SlopeCharts and see all my lists as well as my mark-ups), and this list contains a variety of very weird-looking ticker symbols that represent important interest rates. Here are a couple of them I thought were worth sharing. First is this chart of Treasury Rates. Take a look at how artificially suppressed they became, and they have “snapped back” to the underside of that now-broken basing pattern. It’s pretty cool how prices are interacting with at pattern (which I haven’t touched in months).

slopechart FR DGS

You can likewise observe this fake suppression in something more common to our everyday lives, which is 30 year mortgage rates on residential real estate. Once again, the interaction with my mark-up is interesting: will it stop at that horizontal? I’m thinking it’s likely. Interest rates are going to rule the market conversation for years to come.

slopechart FR MORTGAGE US