Crash Protection For Ford

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Photo via the old Delphi Automotive (which was acquired years later by BorgWarner). 

Ford Hits A 20-Year High

In our previous post (Tesla: Who Saw This Coming), we mentioned Tesla (TSLA) had been a top ten name on our system on December 20th. It was also a top name of ours the Friday before that, on December 17th, alongside Ford Motor Company (F). Shares of both companies spiked this week on excitement about electric vehicles. In Tesla’s case, the excitement was about its huge Q4 vehicle delivery numbers; in Ford’s case, it was due to the news that the company was doubling manufacturing capacity for its electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck to 150K vehicles a year by mid-2023 in response to high customer demand. 

Shares of both stocks were up about 23% since December 17th, as of Tuesday’s close. Ford shares even managed to hit a 20-year high on the day. 

Crash Protection For Ford

If you own shares of Ford and wanted to stay long in hopes of more gains, but want to strictly limit your downside risk in the event the company stumbles or the market goes against you, the video below shows a few ways to do so. 

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