Fear–>Hate–>Dark Side

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I monitor everything that happens on this site, either manually or automatically. I know who people are, where they are, and, in short order, their nature. One item got brought to my attention yesterday which I found, shall we say, curious. This was a copy of the “welcome” email that every new user gets, which is automatically sent to me………..


Well THAT isn’t very nice!

So what did I do to deserve such a nasty sign-up? Did I run over his cat? Set his house on fire? Well, I’m a dangerously resourceful chap (don’t ever mess with someone who’s been doing computers since 1979), and it took me about seven seconds to figure out who the guy was and why he was upset. He’s a GME fan-boy, and I guess he was irked at my snarky GME post called GameJustStop. So he decided to take some of his very valuable time and, for no reason at all, sign up for a free account using a mean screen name.

What a dillweed, right?

I mean, I can certainly understand why he might be a little bugged……..


Because he’s fully committed to the GMEdd website that he’s a part of. And in case it’s not obvious, the “dd” is “due diligence”. As in………..”I am putting my entire life savings into GME because I’ve pretended to myself that I’ve executed the sober Due Diligence required to make an informed, logical decision.” Setting aside the fact that GME has lost the vast majority of its value in less than a year’s time.

But I thought about this and realized something: he wouldn’t have done this if he wasn’t scared. Not scared of me. Who would be sacred of me? I mean, look at me! I’m a sweetheart! But scared of the truth. Specifically, the truth that Gamestop is a laughable piece of crap worth the $4 per share that it had been valued at during more sensible times.

See, people don’t get angry if they have a quiet confidence they are right. For example, if someone started a website stating how stupid Palo Alto real estate was, and how it was going to go down 95% in price, I wouldn’t rush over and set up an account with some nasty name to taunt them. I’d just move on, knowing that they’re saying whatever they’re saying, and they’re wrong, and their conjecture wasn’t going to harm me.

But a person who has a meaningful part of his assets in GME and knows deep, deep down that it’s a fraud doesn’t want the truth to be unveiled. And if someone like me comes along and introduces the risk of a little bit of truth into the situation, they’re going to get angry. And they’re going to get back at me in the only way they know how, which is to be nasty. It doesn’t do them any good. And, frankly, it makes me think the owners of GME are even more tarded out than I thought in the first place.

The funny thing is that these guys are trying to convince the world that buying GME is the way to untold fortune, and yet, front and center on their own site………..


………..they’re asking for donations. So they can buy coffee.

In any case, it isn’t a good idea to be mean to Tim. God himself has proved that. It’s like a death sentence. So I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. Oh………..and: GME sucks.