Tight Pants

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The expensive workout clothing maker lululemon (LULU) has been slipping for many weeks now. It has completed a rather larger reversal pattern and today is mushed right up against its price gap.


In spite of losing 25% of its value already, the stock is by no means a bar-goon:


One other thing about LULU, in the form of an anecdote. Here in Palo Alto, there are two LULU stores; one of them downtown on University Avenue, and the other in the huge Stanford Shopping Center. They get ripped off on a regular basis. It’s become almost comic, because they might as well just put boxes of their products on the floor for people to take. It’s always the same kind of crew ripping them off, by the way.

The latest was just ridiculous. A man and woman (errr, not from town) brought their two young children along while they practiced their thievery. Sort of a “Take Your Kids to Work Day” for crooks. They left the five year old in the car, but they brought in the two year old as a prop.

While the father, holding the baby, engaged the sales personnel, asking for some kind of help to distract them, his wife put on a pair of pants and pulled them up, largely hidden by the shirt of her dress. Then she put on another pair. And another. And another. She basically pulled on as many pants as she could, and I guess did a pretty good job waddling out of the store.

The hapless personnel at the Stanford Shopping Center store gave a ring to the University Avenue store, figuring there was a decent chance the same lovely family would show up there. Sure enough, minutes later, in they come. They started the same routine, but the employees were wise to them, surrounded them, and called the cops. They were arrested for a litany of crimes, including child endangerment.

How delightful to know that low IQ criminal morons like these are reproducing (and bringing their kids along!) while my extraordinarily accomplished, good-looking, genius-level friends who are renowned scholars and entrepreneurs have ZERO kids. This world gets stupider by the day.