A Better Hump Day

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I stayed in bed for this one, folks.

Don’t let my suave demeanor fool you. As you well know, I am massively, massively, massively short this market, and having a binary event like the CPI come out had my heart racing. I literally pulled the covers up, gripped the iPhone, and let my three dogs surround me to guard my spirit.

Let’s just say it worked out……….

Marko Kolanovic is still batting a thousand (for the uninformed out there, he made his billionth BTFD this year; he gets paid HOW much for this crap??)

And, of course, bonds are getting nuked. Indeed, these three charts understate the situation, because it has gotten a lot worse (AKA better) since I did this screen shots.

I’ll sum up my feelings with this tweet I just sent: