Mind the Cryptos

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I’m beating this point to death, but I’ve got to say it again: don’t lose sight of crypto. I’d love to see an early week bounce and re-load some aggressive positions with the cash I’ve got left, but I’m not so sure we’ll even get that. My suggestion is to watch this crucial level on Bitcoin:

And, even more important, see if we “slip away” from this already-broken trendline on Ethereum. More particularly, watch that dashed line. If we break 1350 or so, it could be sell-a-palooza time. (Please note I took these screenshots on Sunday morning, and as I’m typing this a few hours later, these markets have already broken down more).

As a recap, my portfolio is:

  • 28 long put positions, all individual equities, all expiring next year;
  • About 10% cash for aggressive positions, since I’ve deliberately extracted most of my cash as profits

I have done a VERY IMPORTANT POST (perhaps the most important of the year) today, readable by any paying member, so honestly, if you’re not a paying member but have been thinking about it, NOW IS THE TIME.