Mission Not-Even-Started

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As you can see from all the green splashed on your quote screen, the central bankers of the world have already panicked and are running around screaming their heads off, quickly undoing their feeble efforts at quantitative tightening and reverting to their multi-decade playbook of endless quantitative easing.

Let’s look at our own Federal Reserve’s monstrous balance sheet and see just how far their loudly-touted QT efforts have gone. You can plainly see here the many trillions of dollars they’ve gobbled up over the years. You can also make out, just barely, the subtle little softening of growth in recent months, as they ever-ever-ever-so-slowly bleed off a teeny-tiny bit of their trillions.

Here, let’s zoom in real tight. See the tiny little dip? The enormous policy reversal they haven’t shut up about for months has reduced this behemoth by about 1.7%. That’s right. 98.3% of this grotesque perversion is still utterly intact, thank you very much. And, in the face of such a razor-thin reduction in market “support”, worldwide asset values fell by almost $30 TRILLION in a matter of months.

They’re going to fail. It’s inevitable. All we need to do is sit back and watch the cataclysm. In the meanwhile, enjoy the brief moment of bullish relief. Tick tock, baby.