The Most Meta Data Of All

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Although this chart is, as you know, none of your danged business (being the sensitive and confidential data of my little enterprise here), I wanted to say a couple of things about Slope’s chart of paid subscribers (God bless them all).

That good news is that Slope’s subscription base is near record highs (which I suppose should be no shocker, since we’re finally in an honest-to-God bear market).

What’s fascinating to me is the distinction between Slope’s popularity in early 2020 and what we’re experiencing this year. When Covid hit, Slope became insanely popular in a matter of days (see the near-vertical jump). Sadly, as the Federal Reserve engaged in their pump-the-market-up-with-trillions game (which is blowing up in their face now, I’m delighted to report) my “foul weather friends” who had signed up left in droves, and by mid 2021, all the new folks were just about gone.

Since then, as it slowly becomes evident that the gig is up, then Slope has likewise slowly and steadily been gaining customers. Even the rough sleeping of June 16-August 16 scared very few away.

It’s nice to see not just the bear market unfold, but Slope grow along with it.