Hello, Dall-E

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This whole A.I. thing is starting to get real.

Most of you heard all the chatter about ChatGPT a month ago, although I’ve got to say, I wasn’t that taken by it. However, I have been fully dazzled by OpenAI’s graphics technology, which allows you to enter any description and see original images that it creates for you And this isn’t that horrid stuff that some people associated with AI images. Here, let me give you a fitting example for Slope:

In a few moments, it presented me with four original pieces which are magnificent:

What happens if I enter the exact same phrase into Google Image Search? I get something utterly unrelated because, let’s face it, churches don’t have stained glass images of bears celebrating.

As time goes on, more and more human skills, including creative skills, are going to get usurped by technology like this. It’s pretty scary stuff.