When Does This End?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, my trading confidence is hovering at about a 1.1 at the moment. Starting on January 6th (and, in a broader sense, last October 13th), this market has been absolutely sadistic to equity bears. So when does it all end? The monster earnings after Thursday’s close? The jobs report Friday morning?

I dunno. What I do feel confident of, however, is that the one screaming signal I’m waiting for is for TSLA to have the digit “2” at the start of its stock price. Assuming that happens, which will represent a 100% price increase in a period just weeks (!!!!!!!!!!) I will be vastly more comfortable deploying my cash.

So when will TSLA reach this price? Who knows?! It’s the PRICE that matters, not the time. So – – I wait.