Consolidation Continues (by Fujisan)

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The general market finally started the consolidation.  Here are some updates on SPY and IWM.

SPY Daily

I have a short term downside target of 115.17. 


IWM Daily

IWM has already broken the Tuesday's low.  My short term target is 69.80.

GS Daily

I shorted many financials together with GS and they are all doing quite nicely.  GS is the key for the general market to make a new higher high for the coming months.

XLF Daily

BIDU Weekly

BIDU made exactly the two folds from the breakout point and closed right at a=c target.

AAPL Weekly

Whatever happened to BIDU would happen to AAPL if the pattern holds.  This is a great opportunity to look for a good long entry for the long-term AAPL position.  I would be probably looking into the recent gap fill to put on the Jan 11 butterfly position.

AMZN Weekly