Questions from a Sloper

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I received an email this morning from a Sloper with some questions I thought it best for the group to answer; here, with his permission, is the email……

I have been reading your site for several months now and I thoroughly enjoy it. I have also listened to your seminars on the Thinkorswim platform.

I am trying to develop a plan of action for learning how to conduct technical analysis and was hoping you could give me some advice. I have been selling credit spreads for years as my primary trading activity and would like to take up another style because I feel like learning something new.

Specifically, what is the best way to learn:
-What is the best way to practice charting, any specific symbols that are better than others for learning
-Certain books I should read
-Certain blogs I should read (like Slope of Hope)
-Anything else?

I know you are busy and I have just asked you a very open-ended question. I would greatly appreciate your insights but understand that you have many responsibilities and many people vying for your time and attention.

Thank you for the help you have already given me in your blog.