All it Takes is One Bad Trade

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I came across a great article on the one bad trade syndrome. Several months ago, Slopers were privy to a real-life blow-up in which a trader essentially risked all of his trading capital on essentially one trade(disregarded the importance of position-sizing). I want to make sure that I never make the same mistake. Currently, my positions are teetering on max pain (stop-loss). My outlook remains with the pullback scenario that I have mentioned repeatedly the past few weeks – short-term bearish.

Check out the article - All it Takes is One Bad Trade

Don’t Be a Hero When Trading Options

Options trading seems to create a “get rick quick mentality” that attracts the “speculative gamblers” out there. To me this approach seems short-sighted, unless that is your goal and you are willing to take the risk. I prefer to take the “long-term” approach that attempts to beat the market over an extended period of time. Admittingly, I “go for the gold” sometimes and place a highly speculative trade. But those are few and far between and I would never allocate a large portion of my portfolio to a trade like this. It is just too risky for my blood after what I have experienced as a trader. Take the loss and move on. Think in terms of probablities. Use a scientific approach. Losses are a cost of doing business. It is how your account compares to the benchmarks after a long-period of time that defines your success. Any Joe options trader can make a bundle on a trade. It is how Joe performs over the long-term that defines his success.

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