Setups Priming Themselves for the Short (by Ryan Mallory)

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There's a couple of caveats I've got to mention first here. The first, I'm not looking to add any short positions to my portfolio, because there's not a significant breakdown at this point in the indices, and to think otherwise is based more on speculation than anything else. 

However, I'm constantly screening for short setups, because I'm a firm believer in being ready for possible market reversals, and when those times come, I don't want to be scurrying around looking for shorts in the process… instead I prefer to be Boy Scout ready. 

And, even if I was bearish on the market, I wouldn't use this moment for getting short, as we are at an S3 support level on the intraday pivots, which means that its likely there is limited downside from this point on. 

So with all that said, the screen below are for those stocks that have primarily been on a solid uptrend of late, but are starting to show signs of breaking down along with a loss of interest by the street as a whole. So if you are looking to short this recent market rally, use the list below as bit of a primer to get your bearish energies flowing. Most of these stocks look pretty good when just looking at price and volume from a long-term perspective, however, what is concerning is some of the glaring bearish divergences that are popping up. One such indicator is the Time Segmented Volume – TSV that shows all of the stocks below in the negative, which is a good indicator that the longs are starting to get a bit skittish in their current positions, and are taking profits as a result.

Here are the 5 Short Setups

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