Always Something There to Remind Me

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First off, I only just happened to notice that I passed the 2,000 tweet mark on my Twitter page.


This isn’t a particularly large number, but unlike some folks, I don’t tweet out every thought that crosses my mind and every run-of-the-mill task I’m doing at every hour of the day. I try to make my tweets count for something. Curious to see what the magical 2,000th tweet was, I looked back:


Hmmm. It seems unusually banal for such a momentous occasion, but, oh, well.

Here’s some more important news about everyone’s favorite web site, SocialTrade. The idea of adding a “reminder” feature has been on my mind for a while, but I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. We’ve finally put together something I really like.

Now if you encounter a page which has some predictive aspect to it, you can add a reminder for yourself. In other words, let’s say there’s a page that predicts such-and-so is going to happen by such-and-such a date. You can click the Add Reminder button and type in the date when you want to be reminded of this page as well as, optionally, text from yourself about why you wanted this reminder. 


I started thumbing through pages and discovered I wanted reminders for just about everything. It’s going to be awesome to “look back” at some of the studies and analogs and see how they worked out.


You can also add multiple reminders. The page below, for instance, begs for this kind of feature, since there are multiple dates in the future during which I’d like to get pinged to check this page out.



Early on a morning of a given reminder, you’ll be emailed a thumbnail of the stacked page and, if you included one, a copy of your note to yourself.

There is even a new page which shows you which pages have the most reminders assigned to them! All in all, a pretty sweet new feature. Enjoy!