Shorter than Short

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Good evening, everyone.

I had a lot of meetings this afternoon, so my blog-writing time sort of got gobbled up.

I was delighted and thrilled to see AAPL getting slammed after-hours. For nearly a decade, AAPL has almost never disappointed the public with its earnings. This evening is a delicious exception. During the completely ridiculous run-up in price late in the regular trading day, I shorted the bejesus out of QQQ. At the risk of looking like a complete doofus in case QE3 through QE12 is announced before Wednesday, I will let you know that I have 116 short positions. (One of which, NFLX, is in a virtual free-fall this evening).

SocialTrade is packing in a ton of users, and as I mentioned on my video post last night, I was gratified beyond measure when I discovered the Bradley Siderograph (shown below) because of SocialTrade. (SIDE NOTE – for Pete's sake, folks, please remember SocialTrade isn't for posting goofy pictures, and the Q&A forum is for NON time-sensitive questions. This has been a public service announcement from Tim. Now back to your regularly-scheduled program).


I'm seriously kind of blogged-out right now, so this is going to be a short post. I'm sure you guys will chatter-up the comments section into a frenzy this evening. I will note that the ES has finally broken its ascending wedge (and the chart below was taken during the normal trading session). I think I'm simply going to keep tightening the stops on my shorts and see how low we can ride this thing down.