Introducing Slope+

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For most of this year, I have been quietly guiding the development of a subscription-based version of Slope
0929-slopelogo of Hope
. I've been writing Slope for seven and a half years, so many have wondered why I didn't do this long ago, but – – better late than never.

There are, of course, many fee-based investment sites out there, and I have given extensive thought to the supplemental content I'd provide to the expanded site as well as the pricing. If you survey the landscape of trading-related sites, the pricing tends to cluster around the $80 to $100 per month range. To phrase this inelegantly, I am deliberately making my site, which is called Slope+ ("Slope Plus"), cheap at $19.95/month (or $199.95 a year).

So what's the "plus" in Slope+? Well, this page lays it out nicely-formatted, what "plus" includes:

+ An advertising-free environment;
+ An exclusive library of technical analysis videos ("Slope University")
+ An exclusive library of ProphetCharts tutorials
+ Regularly-posted members-only video updates ("Slope TV")
+ Exclusive member posts

Let me try to answer a few anticipated questions:

Is the free Slope going away? No. I've spent nearly eight years building up a worldwide audience of traders. I have no intention of putting up a brick wall and destroying all that hard-won goodwill. is here to stay.

Is the community different on Slope versus Slope+? Again, no. I recognize the community, clustered
0929-slopeman around the custom comments system I created, is the heart and soul of this blog. My first requirement to the engineers who created Slope+ was that Slope+ act as a "sister site", and that the comments stream be identical on both platforms. Any comments posted on Slope will simultaneously appear on Slope+, and vice versa. There is absolutely no distinction between the sites.

Can I use the new site without subscribing? Sure. The design is a little different, but you are welcome to use the site (without any of the "plus" features) for free.

Should I subscribe just to support the blog from which I've been getting all this content for free all these years? Absolutely! Step right this way!

In any case, I'm pleased that the new site is out, and I look forward to growing the blog and beefing up the "pluses" that are available on the new site. Thank you, and here is the URL for Slope+