SocialTrade Now Better & Wetter

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First of all, if you've got a blog or a web site and you'd like to add the spiffy "Stack To SocialTrade" button (like the one you see here, just to the right) I've got a new page for you – – it's right here – – and it gives you the code you need to paste on to your site to get the aformentioned spiffiness. It's a great way to build traffic and exposure for your site, and it costs a low, low zero dollars.

There have been a few improvements to SocialTrade recently. In the Find menu, you'll notice two new items: By Date and By Source.


Selecting By Date presents you with all the months during which items were stacked into the system.

Click on a month (for instance, August), and you will be presented in reverse chronological order all the days of the month so that you can, in turn, click on a specific day to see all the items stacked on that specific date. It's a pretty cool Wayback Machine.


An even cooler new item is By Source, which presents to you, in order of items stacked, the most abundant sources of items stacked into SocialTrade. ZeroHedge is, not surprisingly, at the top of the list, because the greatest preponderence of items within SocialTrade are from ZH. Click on any given source to see all the pages stacked from that location.

One last little tweak I'll mention is that the star rating system is presented in miniature form. Before, we you could only "Like" an item, the number of likes was shown as a small icon. Now that you can rank items anywhere from 1 to 5 stars, the average rating is calculated and shown via a star that is filled a certain amount. In other words, a solid gold star would mean that everyone gave the item a five-star rating.