Interim in Perpetuum

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Look, I realize that bears that live in glass houses shouldn't thrown stones, but I've got to say this: earlier this morning, I got word from a well-known financial publication that they had issued a special interim report stating – – just as their two prior interim reports had, in the two prceeding months – – that it was time to short the bejesus out of the stock market.

I've marked these report-points below. Let's just say, as much as I'd love the market to drop steadily for the next 60 months to $42.82 on the Dow, I am not particularly encouraged by the latest "interim", which has lately become a monthly event.

For my own self, I remain completely short, although the damage isn't as gut-wrenching as one might fear: I'm down 0.21% today as of this writing, versus the market being up 0.61%, so I can live with that.