Welcome, New Slopers!

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Over the past several weeks, I've noticed a steady but very clear climb in Slope's traffic (this is one uptrend I do not mind seeing). I haven't seen traffic this strong in many, many months.

This is particularly gratifying to me since Slope is, let's face it, predominantly a blog for stock market bears, and since down-days have apparently been ruled illegal, it's shocking that more and more people are crowding into my little corner of the web.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome our new brethren; I won't waste space on stuff that's already on the site, so I'll simply point newcomers to a page about lil' old me and a handy guide on how to join in the fun within the comments section.

I shudder to think how popular this place is going to get when we get our paws on a bear market again. Ah, I hear snickering out there! It'll come. You'll see.

So, again, welcome new Slopers; I'm glad you're here.