The Markets Tax (by Bob Kudla)

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The Federal Reserve would have you believe that their policies are helping the U.S. economy and at worst, they are benign.  The political elite would have you believe that all is well and getting better every month.  The financial elites are telling you time to rotate out of those bond and money market accounts because the Fed saved us, and the Administrations policies are working.  Get ready for the next boom.

As I discussed before, the stock market acts as a big, visible perceived report card on the economy, and the capital gains it can generate, fund the U.S. government. A lot of effort is going into creating an illusion of prosperity again.

But can a debt saturated, credit, import, and energy dependent economy thrive in an environment of higher credit costs, lower dollar purchasing power, and higher energy input costs?  As you will see in the charts below, in order for the Fed and their banker enablers to provide us this stock market illusion, they have set the stage for some very serious consequences.




These are all hidden taxes we absorb, in order to continue with the elites policy aims.  Future stock market growth will come with some great pain to many people.