A Good Start to a New Quarter

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Good morning, everyone,

First, some folks have been scratching their heads, wondering why every single article on the new Slope appears to be by me. This isn’t an ego-maniacal plot on my part to claim credit for the hard work of others; I won’t get into the technical details, but rest assured, from now on, the “by-line” of each article will reflect who wrote it (and, ahem, hey you writers, I could really use some extra content right about now!)

Second, I’m pleased to see the equities take a slip this morning, although we are still well within the confines of an ascending bull channel, and thus it’s nothing to high-five about yet. For myself, I came into the day short 82 different positions, and I’m adding a bit here and there. I was pretty heavily committed going into the day, so it’s a good morning so far. We need to break the green tint below to bust the series of recent higher lows, and more important, we need to bust the cyan tint below to snap that nettlesome ascending channel.


I had a bit of a tragedy with one of my hens yesterday (on Easter, of all days), so I’m afraid I will be attending to some family business (particularly with respect to children with a deep love of living things), so forgive me if I’m less “around” today.