Follow-Ups versus New Ideas

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As most of you can appreciate, I work very hard on this blog, and have done so for over eight years now. I offer up many ideas, some of them duds, a few of them ingenious, and a bunch more somewhere in between. As of late, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of offering up actionable ideas, particularly for my Slope+ readers. 

I was shocked and somewhat disgusted by a barrage of snarky comments from a newcomer to the site who also, strangely, signed up for Slope+ this very day. I’m not sure if he has a hidden agenda, because I’ve never seen anyone act like this. He wasted no time at all denigrating my picks, although later on he issued sort of an apology, saying he was taking out his frustration on me.

What I notice about his “analysis” is that he seems to assume every chart I show is (a) a new idea which (b) will be profitable within minutes. There is a big difference between new ideas and follow-up ideas. So to my point, here’s one of his remarks…….


So, yes, I put up a post on MDR today, as I’ve done a number of times before, and yes, it was a short idea, and yes, the stock exploded higher by twelve-hundredths of a single percent today. So, yeah, if you actually shorted it today, I guess you might have a tiny loss.

But for God’s sake, these are swing trades, intended – hopefully – for weeks or even months. Regarding the symbol MDR, in particular, here is the post I did about MDR back on May 15th; I’ve put a tint where the price is now…………


So this is already a wonderful trade. I put up MDR again today just because it’s such a kick-ass chart, and I think months from now it could be a lot lower. I was celebrating a plunge-in-progress.

As another example, here is ELP, which has fallen about 20% since my post of March 20th, as indicated by the magenta tint:


What also irks me is that this chap was complaining about having to pay for these ideas, when in fact my posts about MDR (and ELP, for that matter) have been on the regular site, free of charge!

I believe with every ounce of my being that I provide huge amounts of value for $0 to most of you and for a trifling amount (far less than other services) for my premium members. 99.99% of people are polite and grateful, but when I read comments like the one above, it really grinds my gears. So I wrote the fellow, encouraging him to cancel, because, honestly, this isn’t the kind of gratitude I need, and an extra sixty-cents per day in my pocket isn’t worth the aggravation.

Oh, and congratulations to those who shorted ELP and MDR when I first suggested them. You’re welcome.